The Funds

Ethiopian Airlines has generously sponsored my flights. Anything ‘touristy’ that happens along the way (I’ll be doing a bit of wandering through Ethiopia) will come out of my own piggy bank. Your kind donation will be focused on the three organizations.

Step One – $1500 for the Village of Hope house. This not only goes towards building materials, but also supporting programming and other needs the village has, e.g. repairs on other orphan homes.

Step Two – while I’m keen to share stories of hope with you, I’d also like to share a donation with World Vision and UNICEF. By sending the donation directly through me, I can assure that the funds go directly to the village I’ll be visiting. I’ll divide funds evenly between these two organizations, approximately $500.

Step Three – if my wee campaign does really well and I’m able to meet the first two goals, I would ask for your support with some of the logistics. For example, for me to travel to the World Vision village will cost me approximately $300. This covers accommodation for my World Vision contact who will be meeting and hosting me, transport to the village, and a lunch for the village. Of course, if you don’t want your cash going to this end of things, just let me know.

Tax receipts? Yes – for more than $20 towards the Village of Hope. I’m working out the details for World Vision, that may be possible, but I can’t promise at this point.

Online? Easy peasy:

Upon my return, I’ll be posting stories here and on my other website If I have your email address, I’ll be sure to send you a newsletter and photos of how it all went. And of course, I’ll ramble on about it endlessly every time I see you. Stay tuned! Lots more to come, from a fun pub night with dancing, a silent auction, raffles and homemade goodies.